4 Gallery WordPress Plugins with Zoom

4 Gallery WordPress Plugins with Zoom

The images are the part that draws the most attention on a website, so for you to get more visitors and followers, you should create well-organized photo galleries and pictures. That is why it is important that you pay special attention to the images, so that you can ensure a good experience for your visitors.

We have several plugins that help us when it comes to expanding images – whether they’re in the galleries or not, so people can read better and see more details of the displayed image or even make the site more dynamic.

Knowing the importance of zoom, we will list below 4 plugins that can make your site more attractive:

Gallery by Huge-IT

Free and very easy to set up, the Gallery by Huge-IT plugin creates functional and modern galleries for your WordPress site and you can choose from 8 different gallery templates that offer galleries with popup, lightbox, slider, thumbnails, and Mosaic style with paging buttons and “See More” and content from the YouTube and Vimeo platforms.

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Image Zoom Pan WordPress

It is a paid plugin ($ 15) but one of the best PRO plugins available. If you need a quality solution for illustrative materials and / or maps this is the ideal plugin.

Image Zoom Pan WordPress can be used for single images or for galleries with numerous images, making use of shortcodes.

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FooGallery ZOOM Template

The FooGallery ZOOM Template plugin is free and can solve gallery and zoom in one go. With a very simple configuration, where you can choose how your gallery will behave, define border style and behavior for thumbnails on the mouse and zoom activation and the same thing you can do for the “zoom” function, choosing The size of lenses, borders and other features that you find interesting.

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Image Magnify

Image Magnify is a free plugin and offers the possibility of working with shortcodes which makes this plugin very useful for WordPress developers and users.
This plugin is meant to zoom in on images and you can set the dimensions of the images in normal and large size through shortcode.

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With these plugins you can offer quality to display the images on your website, whether they are free or not.
It is important to know what your need is before choosing a plugin, since each has a functionality. Remember that the images and how they are displayed on the web can be determining factors for the success of your site.

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